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It is still possible to book seats for large tour groups.


31.12. New Year's Eve specials.

We also cook our main menu.

Confit lamb knee on saffron

risotto with parmesan, demi glace

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | about 450g | PRICE 449

Medallions of beef tenderloin with roasted pancetta,

croquette of confit pork cheeks in panco breadcrumbs,

potato gratin, herb demi glace

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | 200g | PRICE 399

Nile perch fish baked in butter, poached broccoli florets

and cauliflower with wine hollandaise sauce, swedish potatoes with herbs

ALLERGENS 1,3,4,7 | 200g | PRICE 299

Vegetarian spaghetti with crushed tomatoes, italian

burrata cheese and basil leaves

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | 200g | PRICE 279


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