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Easter menu


Goat cheese mousse on a gingerbread wafer with puree  
from beetr
oot, herbal caviar, caramelized eggplant 
nuts, tapioca chips 

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | 100g | PRICE 169

Bagel with  roast beef, fried egg and arugula salad

with mustard mayonnaise and cucumber 


Beef cheeks  on fresh herbs   
with mashed potatoes and fried onion rings 

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | 180g | PRICE 219

Meaty pork ribs in bbq marinade with roasted   
potatoes in garlic butter and spring onions

ALLERGENS 1,3,7 | 200g | PRICE 199

Boneless pork knee with horseradish sauce,
smoked bacon crumbs and roasted spring onions, pastry 

ALLERGENY1,3.7 | 200g | PRICE 189




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